Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sharpen Your Bowl Gouge

This is my Bowl Gouge, it has an 60 degree angle; which is often referred to as an Ellsworth Grind.  I have reshaped the profile a dozen times so that it fits my woodturning techniques.

Once you arrive at the desired profile it's important to replicate the same profile each time you sharpen the chisel.  The least amount of material you remove during the sharpening process the longer your tool will last.

I use a Tormek Super Grind and since I purchased this system several other sharpening systems have entered the marketplace, not sure which is best but this is what I have and I like the various jigs for the different angles and profiles.

I use a 2 1/2 inch distance between the grinding wheel and the jig.  I set up a little gauge so I can set up quickly and at the same distance each time I sharpen the tool.

Use a felt marker and color the profile.

Adjust the tool rest to fit the profile and rotate the grinding wheel against the tool by hand.

If the jig and tool rest are adjusted correctly, the felt marker will be remove from top to bottom of the profile.

Three or four pass's accross the grinding wheel, the gouge will be sharp and you will have replicated the previous profile.  This technique will work on any tool.

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