Monday, October 3, 2016

My Web Site; Why?

Retired and way past the age of consent, why go through the difficulties of constructing my own website.  I have always been fascinated by the technology of the internet and the ability of being able to promote yourself or your products to the world.

When I went through high school a number 2 pencil was a calculator.  In the Navy I learned to use a slide rule, most people don’t know what they are today.  In college Texas Instrument came out with a scientific calculator.  Through my Forestry Career the calculators kept getting better and then along came the first computers and they just kept getting better and then the Internet.

The Internet was like somebody raising a window shade and seeing the world for the first time.  The information that is available is astounding; about anything from anywhere in the world.

I hired a consulting group to teach me how to build and promote my website. , which is currently in the promotion phase, this is where the real effort comes in.

The website is built around my love to wood turning and the tools that are required to create wooden bowls and many free forms.  The tools that I have chosen to start with are Crown Tools, hand made in Sheffield England, these tools are high of quality; Craftsman’s tools.

Building and promoting a website will certainly keep your mind young and flexible.My Web Site; Why?

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